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  • Ceramic:

Ceramic or stone flooring is the best floor coverage material one can lay over an Underfloor heating system. Such tiles are excellent heat conductors with very little resistance and have a thin profile which thus makes them a popular choice among many people. Moreover, these floor covering are easy to clean and maintain as well.

  • Carpet and rug:

Carpet or rug can also be laid over an Underfloor heating system, provided that the carpet or the rug’s material doesn’t restrict heat transfer or acts like a thermal insulator. It is important to have an overall tog value of the carpet as well as the underlay together not exceeding over 2.5 tog to allow the system to offer adequate amount of heat.

  • Wood and laminates:

Engineered woods and laminates come with good structural stability which helps them perform incredibly along with the Underfloor heating system. Engineered wood flooring can be used directly over the system as a floating floor or can be nailed to the bolts of the joists. Both strong hardwoods, as well as softwoods, are conduct heat but always check the thermal properties and sustainability for the use of the wood with the system before the purchase.

Hence, consider these options to enjoy underfloor heating under the flooring material you have opted for.

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